My Story

As a child, I was a natural saver and would look for ways to organize myself to save better and more.

I’ve always been drawn to numbers – not just math, but the sheer logic of numbers and how they come together to solve all kinds of natural & human problems. Numbers help us with reasoning abilities and to think critically about the world around us. We use them in time and space for building, designing, music, poetry, sports and of course, finance and money.

Krista Strassner

My professional story goes like this:  I studied philosophy and broadcasting, first at Cumberland University and then at Middle Tennessee State University, where I added speech studies to the mix. Upon graduating, I switched gears and became a singer and dancer travelling the globe, tap dancing and belting out popular songs at resorts, on cruise ships and even with Armed Forces Entertainment, amusing American troops stationed far from home. Through those early years, I never stopped saving and finding ways to better arrange my money to reap the highest benefit from my young and meager earnings.

Of course in life, the story we start out with may not be the story we end up with.

My heart led me to California, and that is where my financial career took off. I worked as a bookkeeper, delving into the interesting order that takes place as you shape a person’s finances into a beautiful balance sheet, telling the tidy story of their earthly possessions on a single sheet of paper. I began to study accounting software and financial reporting, then moved up to Business Manager and later, Trustee, for my clients. Today, I spend my time consulting with small businesses, managing money for a handful of individuals and providing training and support for QuickBooks software users.

To this day, I continue to collect currency from all over the world, a hobby I started in my early performing and travelling days as I met interesting people from every imaginable background. My collection is a tribute to them, their countries and my constant thread…numbers.

I Believe

Approach - Each Client is UniqueApproach - Each Client is Unique
Readiness - Proper Preparation Prevents Poor PerformanceReadiness - Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
Care - Listening is ValuableCare - Listening is Valuable
Simplicity - Less is MoreSimplicity - Less is More
Precision - Numbers Don't LiePrecision - Numbers Don't Lie
Kindness - Kindness is Good BusinessKindness - Kindness is Good Business